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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Additional Application: Summer Internship 2017 June 12, 2017

Additional applications of Summer Internship offered to GraSPP international students and GraSPP Japanese students for Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI).


Job post information:

Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) ※PDF

*Please refer to the internship reports for the past experiences of some of those institutions above.


Application Descriptions:


  1. Final Deadline

June 15, 2017


  1. Eligibility

 -The applicant must be a GraSPP international student and a Japanese student (both DD and Exchange students are eligible).

 -The applicant must have sufficient skills in English. (Native English speaker, or non-native with iBT95/ CBT240/ IELTS 7.0 or above)

-The IMF scholar applicant will be able to apply for Government Agency (IIMA) only.

 -The WB scholar applicant will be able to apply for unpaid internship only.

 -The JDS scholar applicant will need to submit JICE designated application form to JICE soon after he/she is decided as an intern.


  1. Application Documents
  2. a) Application Form ※Excel
  3. b) CV (with your photo)
  4. c) Statement of Interest including your self-introduction for each institution that you apply and/or anything specified by each institution.


  1. Submit Application To

Title: Summer Internship Application 2017


  1. Selection Interview

 Selection Interview with faculty member(s) will be arranged in mid-June and then GraSPP will recommend the shortlisted applicants to each institution for the final selection (if any).

 Result will be announced by email from the International Affairs Office.

-Please note that not all of these institutions are guaranteed of receiving the interns.


  1. Things to do after shortlisted

To Do List after you get shortlisted as a GraSPP intern ※PDF


For any questions, please ask Ms. Ishikawa (