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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Classification of GraSPP Courses taught in English in AY2019 / 2019年度公共政策学教育部英語授業科目分類表 April 16, 2019

Classification of GraSPP Courses taught in English in AY2019

GraSPP has been receiving requests from students such as “it is hard to understand which class matches for my research interests/areas” or “we need a guideline for choosing courses”. In response to these students’ voices, we made the mapping list for GraSPP English courses classified into the following categories. (The list is available in the following link.)

“Foundations” include courses that constitute the basis of two areas:
– Foundation of Law/Political Science
– Foundation of Economics

“Policy Issues”courses are further classified into ten groups indicating certain course concentrations:

– Industrial Studies
– Energy and Environmental Policy
– Health Policy
– Security and Foreign Policy
– Science and Technology Policy
– International Economic Policy
– Macroeconomics and Finance Policy
– International Relations
– Development Policy
– East Asian Studies

It enables to narrow down courses according to each “Foundation” and “ Policy Issue”, and helps you choose suitable courses.
As for your graduation requirements, please be sure to check “Course Summaries”.

Graduate School of Public Policy