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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

【Center for Japanese Language Education】Courses for 2022S1S2 March 4, 2022

  Courses for 2022S1S2 by Center for Japanese Language Education 
  1. Eligibility:

 (a)  General Course: International Students, Foreign Researchers, and their spouses

 (b)  Intensive Japanese Course: International Students

 (c)  Special Themed SeminarInternational Students and Foreign Researchers


  1. Course Period:

 (a)  General Course details

 From April 13 (Wed) to July 1 (Fri)

 (* Some classes start from May 16 (Mon) to July 29 (Fri))

(b)  Intensive Japanese Course


 –    Class 12 (Elementary) : From April 20 (Wed) to July 1 (Fri)

 –    Class 34 (Intermediate) :  From April 20 (Wed) to June 17 (Fri)

(c)  Special Themed Seminar


 –    Beginners: KANJI First Step

 April 18 (Mon), 20 (Wed), 25 (Mon), 27 (Wed) Total 4 classes


  1. Information

 Please refer to the link below for the information for each course.


1. Nihongo Center 2022S1S2 Application Guideline

2. Information for General Course

3-1. Information for Intensive Japanese Course

3-2. Approval Form for Intensive Japanese Course

4. Special Themed Seminar KANJI First Step