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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Center for Japanese Language Education – Short-term Japanese Courses & Special Themed Seminar June 9, 2022

  1. Eligibility: International Students and Foreign Researchers at UTokyo

     2. Course dates:


 (a)   Short-term Japanese Courses

 For beginners

 Survival Japanese  A: June 27 (Mon) July 1 (Fri) B: July 25 (Mon) July 29 (Fri)

 Total 5 classes each *A and B are the same contents


For Upper Elementary level

 Let’s Complete Elementary Level Japanese!  July 4 (Mon) July 15 (Fri)  Total 10 classes




(b)  Special Themed Seminar

 Elementary level:

 Bridge to Level 2          July 4 (Mon), 6 (Wed), 8 (Fri)

 Bridge to Level pre3       July 4 (Mon), 6 (Wed), 8 (Fri)


Intermediate level:

 Speak and Listen Well in Japanese       July 12 (Tue), 13 (Wed), 14 (Thu)

 Let’s Read and Speak                   July 12 (Tue), 13 (Wed), 14 (Thu)

 Explore interacting in Japanese with “Arigatoo”   July 19 (Tue), 20 (Wed), 21 (Thu)


Advanced level:

 Comprehending New Japanese Words   June 28 (Tue), July 1 (Fri)




 *Classes will be conducted online.

 *For details of the application procedure, please refer to the website of Nihongo Center.

 *Please see the link below for the level of the courses offered by Nihongo Center.