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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

高崎 善人 TAKASAKI, Yoshito

教授 / Professor 高崎 善人TAKASAKI, Yoshito


Courses in AY 2021

  • 5113180 Development Economics: Microeconomic Approach
  • 5123485 Environmental Economics
  • 5140790-1 Case Study (Development Economics and Policy I)
  • 5140791-1 Case Study (Development Economics and Policy II)
  • 5171004 国際金融・開発研究:経済学系(Development Economics: Microeconomic Approach)
  • 5171012 国際金融・開発研究:経済学系(Environmental Economics)
  • 5171029 国際金融・開発研究:経済学系(Advanced Development Microeconomics)
  • 5173102 科学技術政策研究:経済学系(Environmental Economics)


Development Economics; Resource Economics; Applied Microeconometrics; Field Experiment

Poverty; Political economy; Institution; Geography; Community; Social network; Ethnicity; Conflict; Crime; Disability; Vocational training; Health; Risk; Natural disaster; Tropical forest; Shifting cultivation; Rural livelihoods; Conservation