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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

GraSPPers Voice GraSPPers Voice

The valuable experiences and skills gained in GraSPP will drive us to achieve our goal

Oranart Wannapinyo (from Thailand)

Taking the benefit for my career

When I enrolled in GraSPP, I had been working at the Bank of Thailand in the banking supervision department, the scope of my work is very wide in supervising both large and small banks with different structures, risk management, and corporate governance. Therefore, it is very challenging to understand the business environment of the banking system, open to access news around the world, and keep updated knowledge to catch up with the world’s change. Consequently, aforementioned are parts of my inspiration to enroll in GraSPP, where I hoping to take opportunities to study public policy, economics, law, and politics in order to broaden my knowledge in today and the future world.

As a role of bank regulator, my work at Bank of Thailand is not limited to only routine work, but I have also got ad-hoc assignments and a special task force based on management’s interest in various situations. Consequently, I wanted to learn more about issues confronting modern society to cope with such issues from a global perspective, and to have practical learning including lessons by practitioners and lectures and case studies based on international cases. Additionally, this program aims to enhance exchanges between policymakers and encourage cutting-edge research and education. In this way, I can take the opportunity to know international classmates, especially Japanese friends, in addition to learning and exchanging culture among the group.

Apart from that, Todai is recognized as a world-class reputation academic institution. Furthermore, its campus is rich in history, full of elegant golden Ginko Trees in Autumn leaves. Moreover, the curriculums of economics, law, and politics are very famous here. They can be beneficial for my career at the Bank of Thailand.

Developing both knowledge and spirit inside myself through my life in Japan

Japanese are very disciplined, energetic, and simple but deep as Zen’s way. In my opinion, Japan has beautiful landscapes in Fuji Mountain and Sakura tree. It has many things that should be learned, for example, the Tea ceremony, and flower arranging (Ikebana), so taking the opportunity to learn from Japan, as a role model is an advantage for studying in Japan. Frankly speaking, before I got the Japan-IMF scholarship, I visited Japan once a time and personally appreciated the mixing balance of developing countries that also maintain their old culture. I was impressed by many cities in Japan such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Kamakura, and Kyoto.
Additionally, Japanese food is very delicious such as Sushi, Tempura, Tonkatsu, and Takoyaki. Moreover, the standard of universities in Japan is excellent at the world-class level. Since I have had the opportunity to study there until this point in time, I feel every single day that it is one of the best times in my life to develop both knowledge and spirit inside myself. I would like to thank you Japan million times to take me into this wonderful country.

Valuable experiences in Japan made me help and be kind to people

Since my duties are related to maintaining the safety and soundness of financial institutes in Thailand, knowledge from the study of public policy had been beneficial to me in linkage on theories of economics, law, and politics with the practical skills to improve the role of policymaker and supervisor. Moreover, my workplace supports communication channels to exchange and share individual knowledge, setting up working committees to collaborate with policymakers and examiners which I am a part of to utilize and share my knowledge from public policy study of MPP/IP to collaborate with various stakeholders in the international dialogue. Besides my routine job, I took part in supporting activities of the Bank of Thailand, as a presenter in a public policy forum for example, and volunteer work such as packing survivor bags for flood victims, as valuable experiences in Japan made me appreciate human life and wish to be the small part to help people, also be kind to the society and people in this world.

Message to the prospective students

Follow your heart and open your mind, then you will be happy in Japan. I ensure that the excellence of quality in MPP/IP program will provide valuable experiences and skills that drive you to achieve your goal. Additionally, Japanese ways will drive you to be a better person every day. Thus, I deeply appreciate for being an alumnus at GraSPP and having memorable experiences in Japan.