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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

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What graduation from GraSPP meant to me

Radhika Aryal (from Nepal) Class of 2012

Greetings from Nepal!! I feel highly privileged for getting an opportunity to write on behalf of the alumni of GraSPP, where I am among the first batch to graduate from the Master of Public Policy International Program (MPP/IP) in 2010-2012.
My graduation from GraSPP proved to be a milestone in my pr ofessional career as I was successful in getting a double promotion from Section Officer to Joint Secretar y. It was only possible thanks to my academic horizon being broadened by MPP/IP and a resultant understanding of the different dimensions of development paradigm relevant to Nepal. I always follow the objective approach learned during my GraSPP days for gaining deep insights into policy design and formulation on a global scale, and then try translating it to the local context. This helps me internalize core issues of public policy. My experience in GraSPP has also strengthened my capabilities to analyze public policy opti ons and bring about its effective implementation.
Dedicated professors and staff, student-friendly teaching methodologies, and a very cooperative management style at GraSPP are highly commendable and will be remembered throughout my lifetime. Easy access to top-level researchers and practitioners as well as d aily
interaction with students from all over the world at GraSPP enabled me to devote myself to policy studies.
Moreover, memorable features of life in Tokyo include the cleanliness of the environment, soft and supportive nature of the Japanese people, and extremely reliable public transport services, which added value to my rewarding academic life. All these factors broadened my thought horizon and inspired me to commit and devote myself to the pursuit of national development with greater aspiration and motivation.
I highly recommend that young candidates from all over the world win the opportunity to be a part of the GraSPP community, from where you will be able to cultivate a better career avenue for yourself. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

(from Newsletter No. 40)