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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

UTokyo-Berkeley Strategic Partnership: Lectures by Prof. John Lee / John Lee氏講演会のご案内 October 31, 2018

Deadlines/Event Dates November 28, 2018

UTokyo-Berkeley Strategic Partnership: Lecture by Prof. John Lee “Sustainable Society, Japan”

UTokyo the Institute of Social Science holds the lecture as follows. If you are interested in this event, please register yourself online from the following link.

Institute of Social Science, the University of Tokyo is pleased to welcome you to two lectures by Professor John Lie (UC Berkeley).
These talks are part of the UTokyo-UC Berkeley Strategic Partnership, and will take place in the Hongo campus.

John Lie teaches social theory at the University of California, Berkeley, USA. His most recent book is “The Dream of East Asia: The Rise of China, Nationalism, Popular Memory, and Regional Dynamics in Northeast Asia.”

If you are interested in attending, we would appreciate your RSVP through the following link.

Lecture “Sustainable Society, Japan”

Date: November 28, 2018 (Wed) 17:30-19:00 (17:00 Open)
Venue: Room 549, Akamon General Research Building, Hongo Campus, University of Tokyo

Abstract: Conventional wisdom colors Japan darkly: the lost decades of economic stagnation, the specter of population decline and rapidly aging society, and so on and on. Without blanching the caliginous canvas, I shift it to cast a glimmer of light on contemporary Japanese society.

Lecture “The Consolation of Social Theory”

Date: December 4, 2018 (Tue) 15:30-17:00 (15:00 Open)
Venue: Room 549, Akamon General Research Building, Hongo Campus, University of Tokyo

Abstract: Social theory was forged in the cauldron of eighteenth-century revolutions, but its metatheoretical casting was of earlier vintage: the Scientific Revolution of the seventeenth century. By reconsidering several metaphysical backdrops of social theory and the modern social sciences in light of twenty-first-century natural sciences, I seek to provide a renewed casting for contemporary social theory and social sciences.