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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

NOTICE: Guidelines on the implementation of UTokyo online courses / 東京大学オンライン講義の実施規範に関する指針 April 24, 2020

NOTICE: Guidelines on the implementation of UTokyo online courses

The following online course guidelines have been issued by the UTokyo headquarters. Students should pay due attention to the following guidelines whenever they participate in online courses.

Graduate School of Public Policy

Guidelines on the implementation of UTokyo online courses 

In order to prevent the further spread of the novel corona virus infection, UTokyo has shifted all courses to the online platform. This is the first-time experience for the University, and all students, faculty, and staff are working hard to enhance the education effect of online courses.

Even in an emergency, it is required to act sensibility in terms of information security and intellectual property rights, and uphold social norms as responsible members of society. Please be aware that the following actions are prohibited regarding the online courses at UTokyo.

  1. Providing such information as the URL for participating in courses online to those who have no right to participate in those courses.
    *However, in case the server is down or the network connection is not good, it is not problematic to provide the access information (URL) to those who are authorized to participate in the relevant online courses.
  2. Providing to others who have no authority or uploading on the internet the downloaded materials, recordings of online courses or screen-captured image data from online courses without the professors’ permission.

 Legal action may be taken if you violate the copyright law.