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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

UNU-IAS Intensive Core Courses 2020 May 29, 2020

Deadlines/Event Dates June 11, 2020

UNU-IAS* Intensive Core Courses 2020

*UNU-IAS: United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability

UNU-IAS has announced its Intensive Core Courses in September.

Course Information

Under the exchange agreement between GraSPP and UNU-IAS, full-time students in either Master’s Program or Ph.D Program at GraSPP are able to register courses without paying tuition. If you wish to take courses, please submit the following documents by NOON on Friday, 12 June to the GraSPP Graduate School Office via email.

1 Form 1: Application Form (Excel, 44KB)
2 Form 2: Statement of Purpose (Word, 67KB)
* When submitting, please convert this form to PDF.
3 A photocopy of the latest transcript in English issued by your institution in which you were enrolled before GraSPP*1 OR GraSPP*2
*1: First-year students who spend their first semester at GraSPP now
*2: The other GraSPP students
4 A copy of TOEFL or IELTS score report (if any)
* You may be exempted from submitting this document. Please refer to the conditions on the UNU-IAS web page.

– The courses are scheduled to be held on UNU Tokyo campus at this point, however, depending on the covid-19 situation they might be delivered online via Zoom.
– Those who will be officially accepted to the program by GraSPP will be required to complete Online Application Form through the UNU-IAS website.  As a recommendation letter from one professor will be needed, if you wish to attend the program, please prepare requested documents well in advance.
– Courses credits taken at UNU-IAS may be transferable to GraSPP. Those who wish to transfer credits are required to contact the GraSPP Graduate School Office after UNU-IAS courses start.