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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Notice for autumn semester (A1A2) class in AY2020 August 25, 2020

Classes of GraSPP will begin from Friday, September 25th as originally scheduled and will be offered online basically.

 However, classes listed below will be conducted in-person and online.


Course Schedule Course Title Course Code
Monday, 3rd period

Wednesday, 3th period

Science, Technology and Public Policy

・国際安全保障研究:政治学系(Science,Technology and Public Policy

・科学技術政策研究:政治学系(Science,Technology and Public Policy




Monday, 6th period 国際法実務演習 5121490
Tuesday, 5th period 地域交通政策研究 5123031
Wednesday, 5th period 事例研究(科学技術イノベーション政策研究)

Case Study (Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy)

Wednesday, 5th period 事例研究(資本市場と公共政策) 5140395
Thursday, 5th period Public Policy and Energy 5123350
Wednesday, 5th period

Friday, 2nd period







*added on 9/4

Please note the following points:

-Classroom for in-person class is SMBC Academia Hall(4th Floor) or Seminar Room A(12th Floor). Please refer to “A1A2 Class Schedule” and syllabi for details.

              A1A2 Class Schedule

  In addition, maximum number of entry has been set for each classroom as below.

  SMBC Academia Hall: 22
  Seminar Room A: 10

  Students those who exceeds the maximum number has to take the class online.

 -Six classes above may only conduct in-person class for limited days. Please check the syllabus for details.

 -Regarding joint curricular classes, it depends on each faculty/graduate school’s policy for offering classes online or in-person. If you take joint curricular classes, please be sure to check the class information such as the GraSPP website, online syllabi in advance.

 -Instruction and notes for taking in-person and online class will be noticed at the student bulletin board.