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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

International Field Workshop in Asia (5130320-1, S2 intensive) May 18, 2023

Deadlines/Event Dates May 25, 2023

Please join an information session on International Field Workshop in Asia if you consider taking this course.

Date & time         Thursday, May 25 | 12:15-12:45

Venue                     Seminar Room B

This course provides students with opportunities to discuss current public policy issues with officials, managerial staff, and experts in government agencies, international organizations, business entities, NPOs, and research institutions in Asia with the following four objectives.

First, it helps students identify today’s public policy challenges and learn how to design solutions. Second, it assists students in developing skills to communicate professionally—in written and oral forms—and moderate a meeting discussion. Third, it encourages students to learn how to deliver their messages to public policy practitioners and the general public. Fourth, it allows students to network with professionals to broaden their future career potential.

Students willing to take this course need to pass a pre-registration screening to be held before the S2 registration period (June 12-16).

Please do not count credits for this course to satisfy your completion requirements if you plan to graduate in September 2023.

For inquiry: Prof. Toshiro Nishizawa

tnishizawa<at> (Please replace <at> with @.)