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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

A1A2 「Sovereign Debt」 (5123433) September 25, 2023

5123433 Sovereign Debt

Please see ITC-LMS for an updated syllabus.

This course has three objectives. First, it aims to help students deepen their understanding of the nature of sovereign debt—public debt compared with private debt (conceptual framework). Second, it tries to familiarize students with sovereign debt issues based on past and current episodes (lessons from cases). Third, it allows students to discuss how we should manage sovereign debt to achieve public policy goals (policy implications).

Guest advisers will review and comment on the students’ work in progress. As a practical training course with an active learning approach, students give presentations, discuss current topics, and produce a policy research paper on a particular country of student choice.