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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

GraSPPers Voice

The supportive and accessible environment at GraSPP inspired my journey in pursuing academic advancement

Jiahui Zeng (from China)

To become a researcher equipped with historical knowledge and insight into current issues

During my undergraduate studies in History, I was introduced to intriguing branches like the Social History of Medicine and Environmental History. These subjects drew a profound connection between historical human experiences and current world challenges, particularly in health policy and sustainability. My aspirations to be a researcher—equipped with historical knowledge and insight into current issues—intensified during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Discovering that GraSPP boasted numerous esteemed professors specializing in this nexus motivated me to enroll. Furthermore, coming from a liberal arts background, GraSPP’s courses on economics and statistics presented an exciting opportunity to augment my research tools.

Invaluable and inspiring insights from faculty members, and collaborative projects with GraSPP peers

The faculty members at GraSPP, many of whom have experience working with international organizations or governments, bring an unparalleled blend of theoretical expertise and practical experience. The insights shared by these faculty members on bridging current challenges to achieve future goals are invaluable and inspiring. Moreover, GraSPP’s robust affiliations with companies and international bodies provide students with ample internship opportunities.

Among the myriad experiences at GraSPP, the most impactful ones have been the collaborative projects with my peers. The diverse backgrounds of my classmates—from fresh graduates to seasoned professionals from both the private and government sectors—enriched our group discussions and projects. This diversity taught me about efficient scheduling, effective team meetings, workload distribution, and fostering collaborative ideas.

Japan – a country with accessibility that offers unique academic insights

Being a bridge between Asia and the world, Japan offers unique academic insights. The country effortlessly merges modern institutions and economic frameworks with a deep respect for traditional culture. Its collaborative projects with other Asian nations present invaluable research avenues. Moreover, as a student focusing on healthcare and welfare policy, studying in Japan—a country that has long grappled with and innovated for the aging population—is particularly enlightening. Additionally, as a wheelchair user, I genuinely appreciate Japan’s accessibility, ensuring that all students, regardless of their physical situation, can immerse themselves fully in their research.

Expanded the depth and breadth of my academic exploration at GraSPP

My academic journey undoubtedly influenced my perspective on pressing current issues and instilled in me a desire to delve deeper into research that addresses these challenges. GraSPP has been an unparalleled platform for academic enrichment. On numerous occasions, when seeking literature on specific topics, I have encountered works by GraSPP’s esteemed professors. Their availability and willingness to offer guidance, whether through email or in-person interactions, have played a crucial role in shaping my research. With its vast resources and expert connections, GraSPP has expanded both the depth and breadth of my academic explorations.

Message to prospective students

GraSPP provides an enriching environment for those with clear goals. I recommend familiarizing yourself with the curriculum and faculty expertise to identify areas aligning with your interests. And also, stay open-minded and venture into various courses—you might discover inspiration in unexpected places.