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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

学生自治会役員選挙2020立候補者募集中 / GraSPP Student Council Election 2020 (New Members are WANTED) May 1, 2020

学生自治会役員選挙2020立候補者募集中 / GraSPP Student Council Election 2020 (New Members are WANTED)

As outgoing GraSPP SC, we were able to conduct several activities such as making of exclusive GraSPP hoodies, cleanup drive of the student shared spaces (i.e. student lounge, study areas, computer room, pantry, discussion spaces, and locker room), short trip to Yokohama, Annual Quiz Night, and Campus Tour for new students. We have also liaised on some important issues raised by GraSPP students such as the unauthorized usage of discussion spaces, maintenance of cleanliness and orderliness of shared spaces, and just recently concerns about the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on GraSPP classes.  In the past, other SC activities include a joint seminar with UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, which was unfortunately cancelled for this year. Also we have an annual meeting with students from  Kyoto University School of Government.

Being part of the GraSPP SC is a great opportunity for students to practice leadership, interpersonal, communication and time management skills.
Interested students may submit their application for the following positions:

(A) Available Positions (one person per position)

– President (selected by election)
– Vice-President (selected by election)
– Publicity (appointed by the new president, if there are two or more applicants)
– Treasurer (appointed by the new president, if there are two or more applicants)
– Secretary (appointed by the new president, if there are two or more applicants)

(B) Primary Duties and Responsibilities of Officers:


1. Serve as the primary point of contact between the GraSPP and the
Student Council.
2. Chair the Committee meeting.
3. Give a report regarding the Student Council’s activities at the
Committee meeting.
4. Oversee the smooth operation of the Student Council.


1. Support the duties of the president.
2. Undertake the decisions of the president when the president is unable
to do his / her duties.


1. Maintain records of the Student Council’s financial activity in
accordance with the GraSPP Guidelines.
2. Provide  financial reports during committee meetings.
3. Execute any resolution by the Committee meeting to apply to the
GraSPP for funding.


1. Take minutes of the Committee meeting.


1. Advertise the Student Council and its events and activities.

(C)) Duties of Student Council

– To organize social and cultural events for students
– To encourage international cultural exchange among students
– To encourage academic exchange with other graduate schools in Japan / overseas
– To communicate with GraSPP Administration Office
– To manage the social media pages of the Student Council (Mailing list, Facebook and Instagram)


(D) Term
1 year term (double degree students are welcome to apply, only if they are studying for 1 year)


(E) About the election

– The President and Vice-President will be selected through an election.  All students currently affiliated with the Graduate School of Public Policy have the right to vote.
– Students who applied for the President and Vice-President positions need to deliver a two-three minute campaign speech. Please record a video of your speech and upload it on the google form below.


(F) How to apply and Future schedule of election process
If you wish to apply to any position, please fill out the online form via the link below by *11:59PM (JST), May 10 (SUN)*

You need to sign in with your Google account when you fill out the online form.

We  will inform all GraSPPers of the election details around May 11.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at [].

We are waiting for your application! 🙂

Yours truly,
2019-2020 GraSPP Student Council