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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

(Center for Japanese Language Education)Short-term Japanese Courses and Special Themed Seminars in July June 8, 2023

Eligibility: International Students and Foreign Researchers at UTokyo

Short-term Japanese Courses

For beginners:

Survival Japanese                   July 24 (Mon) July 28 (Fri)   Total 5 sessions

Survival Japanese + Plus       July 3 (Mon) July 7 (Fri)       Total 5 sessions

For Upper Elementary level:

Let’s Complete Elementary Level Japanese!   July 18 (Tue) July 31 (Mon)  Total 10 sessions

Special Themed Seminar

For beginners:

Kanji First Step            July 19 (Wed), 24(Mon), 26(Wed), 28 (Mon)

Elementary level:

Bridge to Level 2           July 24 (Mon), 26(Wed), 28 (Fri)

Bridge to Level pre3         July 24 (Mon), 26(Wed), 28 (Fri)

Intermediate level:

Speak and Listen Well in Japanese        July 24 (Mon), 26(Wed), 28 (Fri)

NIHONGO DE HANASOO                 July 24 (Mon), 26(Wed), 28 (Fri)

Upper Intermediate to Advanced level:

Explore interacting in Japanese with greeting expressions     July 18(Tue), 19(Wed), 20(Thu)

Advanced level:

Advanced Communication  July 24 (Mon) –  28(Fri)  Total 5 sessions


*Classes will be conducted online.
*For details of the application procedure, please refer to the website of the Center for Japanese Language Education.
*Please see here for the level of the courses offered by the Center for Japanese Language Education.