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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Thesis・5150021 (2023A Registration)/ 研究論文について・5150021(2023A 登録)*Last update 2024/5/27 February 22, 2024

Thesis schedule (5150021 course code)

Six credit points will be conferred upon passing the final oral examination.
Thesis can only be written during the second year of study at GraSPP.

Though you can register and write Research Paper and Thesis at the same semester, the title must be different.

The paper must be written under the academic supervision of a faculty member. Only those faculty members who teach course at GraSPP this academic year can be your supervisor. However, Visiting Lecturers and some of the Visiting Professors or Visiting Associate Professors cannot become a supervisor. If you want to ask Visiting Professor or Visiting Associate Professor to be your supervisor, please contact the GraSPP Office by two weeks before the registration period to confirm if he/she could be your supervisor.

Please refer to the below site.

■Faculty members at the GraSPP
※Faculties who do not offer any courses at the GraSPP, Visiting Lecturers and some of Visiting Professors or Visiting Associate Professors cannot be supervisors.

Request for Supervision  

When you contact a faculty member to request supervision, it is recommended that you fill and submit “Thesis/Research Paper   Request for Supervision” to the desired supervisor well in advance (3 weeks prior to the registration period would be desireble).

Thesis Registration Period: Mon, Nov. 13, 2023 – Fri, Nov. 17, 2023  *Last update 10/20

Students who wish to write Thesis must first get a consent from one of the faculty members to become your Thesis supervisor.

To register Thesis access to the link below and submit information through MS Forms.  
If you are asked to sign in, use “10digit Common” and your UTokyo Account password.
Please enter required information correctly and submit on the period above.  
Confirmation email will be sent automatically to you and your supervisor after your submission.  
In case that you do not receive the confirmation email, the registration may not be completed, so please contact GraSPP Office (
If you have any questions, please contact GraSPP Office. 

Registration Form

Thesis will be registered as a 6 credit point course. Registration on UTAS is not required. Please be aware that 6 credit points for Thesis will still count as part of student’s annual credit point limit(maximum 38 per annum) even if you withdraw and do not submit a Thesis (please refer to the Graduate School of Public Policy regulations, Article 11, Section 2). In this case, the grade will be “M”.

※Withdrawal of Thesis should be requested by notifying GraSPP Office via email including your supervisor in cc. Approval from your supervisor must be obtained in advance.  

Title Report Submission Period: Mon, Mar. 11, 2024 – Fri, Mar. 15, 2024  *Last update 2/22

Approval from the supervisor must be obtained in advance.

To report thesis title, access to the link below and submit information through MS Forms.  If you are asked to sign in, use “10digit Common” and your UTokyo Account password.

Please enter required information correctly and submit on the period above.  Confirmation email will be sent automatically to your supervisor after your submission.
If you have any questions, please contact GraSPP Office (

Title Report Form

Title change after this submission period must be requested via MS Forms “Thesis, Research Paper title change form” after obtaining approval from the supervisor.  Confirmation email will be sent automatically to you and your supervisor after sending the form.  Title change is available until your Thesis submission.
If the Thesis you submit has a different title from the one you reported GraSPP Office, your Thesis will not be accepted. 

Thesis Submission Period: Mon, June 3, 2024 – Thu, June 6, 2024 *Last update 2024/5/27

All documents are to be submitted by uploading PDF files. 

Please upload your thesis and summary in the below URL. 

【研究論文アップロード Thesis Upload】

Thesis can only be accepted during the submission period.

[Notes regarding correction and resubmission after deadline] You are not allowed to correct and resubmit your Thesis after deadline. However, after oral examination, you can submit the revised version of your Thesis after consulting with your supervisor and gain permission. When submitting the revised version, please send it by email to GraSPP Office cc’ing your supervisor.


As a general measure, your thesis must be written within 100,000 characters (Japanese) or 35,000 words (English). You must get a permission from your academic advisor if the Thesis exceeds these limits. You do not have to contact GraSPP office on this matter.
Please use word processing software to write your research paper. The maximum limit is 1,400 characters (Japanese) or 490 words (English) per page.
③ Must include a contents page that specifies page numbers.
④ Cover page must include Thesis title, student ID No, and your Name.
⑤ UTokyo or GraSPP Logo is not available.
⑥ The first page should only be used for cover page. Contents page should start from the pages that follow. 
⑦ Please use the thesis posted on GraSPP website as a reference to check your format. →
⑧ File name must be “(Student ID No.)Thesis2024S”. (e.g.: 51220000Thesis2024S)

Thesis Summary

Thesis Summary should be no longer than 3,000 characters (Japanese) or 1,050 words (English).
⑩ Notes ②, ④, ⑤ and ⑥ also applies to thesis summary.
⑪ Thesis and Thesis Summary must be in separate PDF. For Thesis Summary , file name must be “(Student ID No.)ThesisSummary2024S”. (e.g.: 51220000ThesisSummary2024S)


  • Students who have gained approval of their supervisor are not required to follow the aforementioned format for Thesis and Thesis Summary. There is no need to notify GraSPP Office about the matters you have gained approval of supervisor.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Plagiarism is a serious offense. If it is discovered, students may have credits cancelled or their degree revoked; this also applies to degrees that have already been conferred.
  • For those students who will be applying for entry into a PhD program, please be aware that entry is by no means guaranteed just because you gained credits for your Thesis.

Oral Examination Period:  Tue, July 30, 2024 – Thu, Aug 1, 2024

Examination date and time will be fixed based on the agreement between students and judges. If necessary, it could be scheduled outside of the period above. Please consult with your supervisor.