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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Students invited to join ADBI-Stanford University Training Program on Public Policy for Infrastructure 2022年12月27日(火)

概要報告 , 教育活動

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Together with government officials from developing Asia and other experts

GraSPP students were invited to participate from October 24-28, 2022, in a five-day training program for government officials from developing Asia and other experts on the role of public policy in infrastructure development. Professor Francis Fukuyama and the faculty from the Leadership Academy for Development (LAD) at Stanford University LAD led this case-based training program. The program addresses challenges public sector leaders face as they foster economic growth through infrastructure development in politically charged environments. 

Successful completion of the training program

Participating GraSPPers with Professors Francis Fukuyama and Michael Bennon

“This training program organized by the Asian Development Bank Institute and Stanford University was an extraordinary experience. Having the opportunity to learn more about public policy from Professors Francis Fukuyama, Roger Leeds, and Michael Bennon was such a privilege. Each day, participants were challenged to think of innovative ways to solve policy issues through analyzing case studies presented by professors. This allowed us to engage in the discussions in a very active and practical way, complementing much of our learning at GraSPP. Furthermore, since most participants were public and private sector leaders in their countries, we had the chance to learn from their experiences and expertise, which was very enriching and thought-provoking. By the end of the program, we also had the unique opportunity to propose and present a policy solution that we worked on with our teammates during all five days to all professors and get in-depth feedback. I highly recommend this program to all students who want to learn more about public policy making and get a further practical notion about the challenges and opportunities in implementing policy solutions.”  Kamila Aben Athar, a second-year master’s student at GraSPP

 “The training session organized by the ADB Institute in collaboration with the Leadership Academy for Development of Stanford University was an excellent opportunity to interact with individuals already working within public policy and infrastructure. Those with prior experience quickly shared their thoughts on case studies and contributed extensively to discussions. This made the training session highly interactive and encouraged any knowledge taught during the lectures to be utilized practically.”  Lauranne Finney, a second-year master’s student at GraSPP

 “A week well-spent, truly enriching and immersive, through interactive discussions on concrete case studies with professionals and students. Joined by a keen interest in public policy for infrastructure development, I can engage with people from various professions and nationalities in insightful exchanges and be humbled by new ideas and on-field experiences. The program also provides a balanced combination of lectures vis-à-vis case-focused groupwork for participants to develop a broader understanding and to design practical solutions for public infrastructure problems. Throughout the course, I am glad I could learn from the best professors in the field, reorient my view to better approach the issue and make meaningful connections with other participants.”  Ly Pav, a first-year master’s student at GraSPP

“I came to the training very eager to learn about Public Policy for Infrastructure as I did not have extensive experience in infrastructure projects before. Professors Francis Fukuyama, Roger Leeds, and Michael Bennon provided us with more than just theoretical knowledge on governance, PPPs, and project assessment. Learning by case method was very unique in a way that we were given a chance to be in the protagonists’ shoes. We didn’t just simply read and answer questions—we were encouraged to approach these real-world problems and collaborate with actual practitioners and fellow students in analyzing and brainstorming ideas, action plans/solutions ‘as decision-makers.’ I am truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in this training. It was an intense, yet very enriching program (and maybe one week is not enough!).”  Millicent Faith Tomada, a second-year master’s student at GraSPP

 “It was a fruitful experience. The program allowed me to learn and interact with various experts and professionals from diverse fields. It also provided me with an analytical framework to analyze wicked problems. Throughout the five days, we were trained to set priorities, sequence actions, and build coalitions. Its use of case studies exposed us to real-life challenges, forcing us to weigh various factors and consider country- and time-specific economic, financial, political, and cultural realities.”  Sky Chua, a second-year master’s student at GraSPP

 “I am eternally grateful for the invitation to participate in the Asian Development Bank Institute-Stanford University Training Program on Public Policy for Infrastructure. The unique combination of stellar lecturers, diverse participants, diligent administrative staff, team exercises, and high-quality case studies offered an intellectually stimulating environment. I was prompted to critically assess real predicaments utilizing methodologies that were previously unbeknownst to me. In light of my personal background and academic focus, the in-depth overviews pertaining to public-private partnerships, stakeholder analysis, and private equity particularly served as new but valuable information.”  Timothy Goo, a second-year master’s student at GraSPP