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Important notice from Housing Office regarding MIV special treatment 2021年12月21日(火)

締切日/開催日 2021年01月25日(月)

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 英語 のみです。 For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

If you are an international student who was once allocated at the MIV but had to cancel your room due to the border restrictions, please follow the steps below so that we can once again secure a place for you at the MIV. Your reallocated rooms can be kept till the final date of your term of residency with no fees incurred if your delay of arrival is caused by the border restrictions. If the number of applications exceed the number of rooms available, the result will be chosen by lot.
And if you are an international student still on hold of your room at the MIV but still are unable to come to Japan, you can either select to keep your current room till the end of your term of residency or either cancel your room and reapply for your stay from 2022/4 onwards on the same conditions as above.
For Reapplication:
a) Access the link below with the password “village1919” and be sure to complete your
application by the 2022/1/25 deadline.
▶MIV Application:
*No applications received past the 1/25 deadline will be applicable for the room reallocation.
b) In item 14 of the application form (The month you wish to move in the accommodation), select 2022/4 as your desired move-in month.
*Basically, the maximum period of residency is 1 year at the longest which is set in accordance to one’s term of enrollment at the university. No modifications will be made after your room allocation, i.e., the final date of your residency will remain the same no matter if your actual move-in date shall be delayed due to the border
restrictions, etc.
c) In the “Notes” column, be sure to write the following information.
Any reapplications in lack of (1) or (2) below will not be subject to the room reallocation.
(1) Former application number
(2) Your former allocated room number at the MIV
(3) Your former allocated room type at the MIV
*Room reallocation will only be assured for the same room type you were formerly given.
Not all independent type rooms may be secured due to the number of vacancies at the time, so be sure to include one of the shared type rooms among your choices as well at the time of reapplication.
Note: Renewals of contract will be based on the term of residency printed on the “Notification of Admission” and not by the actual length of stay at the dorm.
【Place to Contact】
Always include your name, permit number and MIV room number at the time of texting.
▶For your delays & cancellation
Mainichi Comnet:
▶For your inquiries regarding the OSTA reapplication
UTokyo Housing Office: