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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Prof. Naomi Aoki, PhD student Melvin Tay and Prof. Masaru Yarime contributed to the new book Research Handbook on Public Management and Artificial Intelligence February 20, 2024

Faculty news , Publication

Associate Professor Naomi Aoki, PhD student Melvin Tay, and Visiting Associate Professor Masaru Yarime contributed a chapter entitled “Trustworthy Public Sector AI: Research Progress and Future Agendas” to the new book, Research Handbook on Public Management and Artificial Intelligence (Edward Elgar).

Abstract of the chapter

As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies revolutionize how public sectors work, the importance of trustworthy AI has become paramount. There are two unique public sector conditions that raise the need for trustworthy AI: (1) the coercive nature of many public sector activities, combined with their broad impact on society at large, and (2) the need for democratic legitimacy in the exercise of AI discretion. In light of the importance of promoting trustworthy AI in the public sector, we conducted a systematic literature review to assess research progress on this topic, and we found a dearth of empirical research that could help with this effort. This finding prompted us to offer an agenda for future empirical research, consisting of a series of propositions regarding societal trust in AI, some of which account for unique public sector contexts.


Please check the details of the research handbook here.