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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Populism and Global Unrest: How Nations Adjust 2022年01月25日(火)


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“Populism and Global Unrest: How Nations Adjust”
featuring the Deans of LKYSPP, LSE and SIPA

25 Jan 2022
21:30-23:00 (JST)

Pre-registration required:


Even before the pandemic, a tidal wave of populism was already rising around the world. Covid did not quell this surge – instead, the ensuing economic hardships and inequalities further sharpened social divides and deepened the distrust. The emergence of populist nationalist movements inspired greater scepticism towards globalisation and the value of international institutions, preferring sovereignty and national identity over global and regional cooperation.

History has shown that epidemics can be “incubators of social unrest”. Indeed, in the last two years, masses of people have defied lockdowns and risked personal health and safety to march on the streets, join mass protests and find new ways to express their discontent. Many of their clarion calls were for restrictions on free trade, immigration and multilateralism. Conflict, social tension, and protest movements forced to pause during the pandemic are now teeming and re-emerging, as societies open up and social life resumes.

As countries reopen their borders and seek to revive their economies, the recovery too will be uneven, both within and across national borders. What populist movements will this spark, and how are they likely to play out? What impact will this have on international security relations and foreign policy? Is the future bleak for international institutions? Is global unrest the next ticking time bomb, and what can nations do about it?

Join the Deans of the world’s top public policy schools as they discuss these issues from their vantage points in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

EDM3 GPPN 2022 Webinar 10Jan22 E


GPPN Webinar Series
As the world emerges from pandemic, the public policy challenges confronting nations have only gotten more urgent. Where have populist sentiments come from and how are they driving both global unrest and policy response? What critical markers and feasible actions remain for humanity to combat climate change? No one is ever for bad governance of course, but how does good governance also become effective governance?

Hear from the Deans and faculty of the world’s top public policy schools as they examine these issues in the inaugural GPPN Webinar Series.


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