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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Professor Hitoshi Shigeoka’s co-authored paper, “COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates and Vaccine Uptake,” was published on Nature Human Behaviour June 7, 2022

Faculty news , Press release

Professor Hitoshi Shigeoka’s paper with Alexander Karaivanov, Dongwoo Kim, and Shih En Lu, “COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates and Vaccine Uptake,” has been published on Nature Human Behaviour.
This paper is widely covered by government agencies such as CDC, and numerous media such as The Economist (


We evaluate the impact of government-mandated proof of vaccination requirements for access to public venues and non-essential businesses on COVID-19 vaccine uptake. We find that the announcement of a mandate is associated with a rapid and significant surge in new vaccinations (more than 60% increase in weekly first doses), using the variation in the timing of these measures across Canadian provinces in a difference-in-differences approach. Time-series analysis for each province and for France, Italy, and Germany corroborates this finding. Counterfactual simulations using our estimates suggest the following cumulative gains in the vaccination rate among the eligible population (age 12 and over) as of October 31, 2021: up to 5 percentage points (p.p.) for Canadian provinces, adding up to 979,000 first doses in total for Canada (5 to 13 weeks after the provincial mandate announcements), 8 p.p. for France (16 weeks post-announcement), 12 p.p. for Italy (14 weeks post-announcement) and 4.7 p.p. for Germany (11 weeks post-announcement).

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