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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Application Procedures

Step1: Preparation for the Online Application

  • Applicants must prepare scanned copies of supporting documents.
  • If the original document is on both sides or consists of several pages, please combine them into a single file.
  • The original documents must be sent via international courier service.

Step2: Application Submission through the GraSPP Online Application System

  • The receipt number issued after the Application Fee Payment (click “Examination Fee”) will be needed to complete the submission.
  • The original documents underlined on the list below must be prepared. After being uploaded to the online application system, they must be sent by post as well.
  • For details of each document, see Details of Application Documents.
All applicants: required
  • A. Application Form
  • B. Photograph of Your Face
  • C. Official Transcript (Upload to the online and send by post.)
  • D. Official Proof of Graduation (Upload to the online and send by post.)
  • E. Two Letters of Reference
  • F. Statement of Purpose
  • G. Receipt Number of Application Fee Payment
  • H. English Proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL) Test Official Score Report (The Score Report should be sent to us by testing organization directly.)
  • I. Scanned Copy of Passport Portrait Page (Send by post only.)
All applicants: strongly recommended
  • J. GRE General Test Official Score Report (The Score Report should be sent to us by testing organization directly.)
Only for ADB and WB applicants: additionally required
  • K. Letter of Endorsement (Upload to the online and send by post.)
  • L. Scholarship Eligibility Statement
If applicable: additionally required
  • M. Scanned Copy of Award Letter (only applicants already awarded the scholarship) (Upload to the online and send by post.)
  • N. Scanned Copy of Resident Card (only international applicants seeking April enrollment) (Send by post only.)
Important notes for all applicants
  • All documents must be written in English. If they are not written in English, an official English translation certified by notary public must be attached.
  • Include only documents listed.
  • None of the submitted documents and materials shall be returned.
  • Any revisions to the application documents shall not be considered after submission.
  • However, if there are any changes that occur after the application submission except the standardized tests and educational background, applicants must notify the MPP/IP Desk of the necessary information immediately.
Important notes for MEXT scholarship students
  • Students who already have Japanese government (Monbukagakusho, MEXT) scholarship are exempted from paying the application fee. Those applicants are required to contact the MPP/IP Desk before submitting online application.

Step 3: Response Submission to Questions Set by GraSPP in Online Timed Video/Written Assessment System  (Kira Talent)

  • Applicants will be invited to the internet-based timed video/written assessment platform by an email within three to ten business days after submitting the online application. Applicants will be asked to submit timed video/written responses to questions that have been pre-recorded by GraSPP.
  • The invitation is sent from Kira Talent with a personalized link to the platform. The Admissions Committee virtually meet applicants through the online assessment so that the Admissions Committee can get a sense of applicants’ personality and potential, how applicants think on their feet, and how applicants convey their ideas.
  • The MPP/IP Desk strongly recommends applicants to complete the online application early enough as to allow themselves some time to prepare for this assessment.
  • Applicants will need an internet connection, a keyboard, a camera and a microphone with a desktop/laptop. Please note that the platform is not supported on tablets (including Microsoft Surface Pro or iPad) and there are no mobile apps available. It should take about 50 minutes to complete the responses with verbal answers and in writing. Once applicants start the questions in the formal session, they only get one chance except for technological errors. Applicants’ behaviors are monitored electronically. However, the practice session has several questions, and applicants can do as many practice sessions as they need to feel comfortable with the video interviewing. If applicants experience technological issues with the platform (practice questions, device set up, etc.), they should check the following technical support webpage

Step 4: Oral Examination

  • Applicants, who passed the document screening process, will be invited to the oral examination.
  • The oral examination will be conducted either a) by an interview (in-person or Skype) or b) by Kira Talent.

Important Notes

If the applicant provides any false or misleading statement, incomplete or inaccurate information in any part of the application:

  • the application may not be screened;
  • the applicant may be denied admission;
  • or the offer of admission may be withdrawn at any time, even after enrollment.